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About Me

I became an Astrologer, because it was the only thing that made any sense to my on a “higher vibrational” level. Overtime, my mind expanded into even more exciting ideas and concepts, and where I would never consider myself spiritual, I guess you can’t escape the label,  when you talk to your pendulum and study sacred geometry for fun. I don’t actually have much fun outside of studying concepts—I mean having a good time with my peers, sort of left my life when I realized I was more of a sideshow or psychiatrist. Instead of drinking and singing karaoke, I would console others as they drunkcried on me about their ex-boyfriend.  Or I would tell someone how great their moon sign is, while others got to discuss whether or not Superbad was a deep movie. Yeah, no, hanging out means I open up a chart for someone and read their lives for them.

I guess it’s like I’ve become a doctor or a lawyer. Instead of anyone asking for my input on fun things, I’m subject to telling people whether or not their relationship has a benign tumor, or if they should sue their parents for their shitty life. And on the other side of that, anyone who is not into Astrology, will find a way to tell me that I may just have a mental illness, or worse, easily swayed by things that make me feel good—totally ignoring over 15 years of study, as they black out during my precise arguments for the science.  Astrology is great.