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Nature Degrees

single-focused dual-focused triple-focused Compatibility


Take your Moon sign’s degree and add both parts together until you get a single digit.
(Ex. 23 degrees is 2+3=5. Making you a 5, or “the Champion”)

Single-Focused (Selfish)

Needs to be adored for who they are & who they are trying to be.

They have Visionary Charisma. They have a vision that inspires others to follow them.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 1, 5, or 7 you are Single-Focused, or Selfish and Fearing.


Dual-Focused (Relational)

Needs to be appreciated for how they meet your needs and others.

They have Focus Charisma. They have a huge presence and make people feel important and heard.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 2, 4, or 8 you are Dual-Focused or Relational and Loving.


Triple-Focused (Selfless)

Needs to be loved for how they love & view the world.

They have Authority Charisma. They are very high in power and status, but not necessarily high in affability.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 0, 3, 6, or 9  you are the Triple-Focused or Selfless and Giving.


1 & 1:

They are feeling and seeing together, which can be a scary or exhausting experience. This can feel like two children alone without a parent, just trying to confront the unknown together. Once mastered, they are able to do powerful things together.  They are a forcefield when energy comes in, so that no one can feel anything, except for them, and they can combine visions to create the complete picture, that makes it much easier to execute, since execution is not their strong suit together.  This is a great pairing for future planning and building.

1 & 2:

The 2 amplifies and piggybacks off the 1’s energy to make sense of visions and experiences quickly. This can put the 1 in a position to grow into their power more efficiently and can help the 2 not feel so chaotic & alone. 1’s & 2’s together are powerful on the psychic realm, but can have a hard time doing business together, because the 2 is not equipped to execute the 1’s visions, they can only encourage & expedite the vision for the 1 to chase after. The 1 does a great job encouraging the 2 to believe in their own charisma which can help the 2 go after what they want.  2’s observe and report and comfort the 1’s when they get their heads stuck up their asses. This is a great pairing for confidence and motivation and self love. They are a perfect match in love–but might not be able to last long in sex.  In this pairing, business relationships actually need romantic love to function on both sides, or one will become obsessed with the other, creating tension and making it hard to work.

1 & 3:

The 1 & 3 have a very intense relationship. The 3 sends power and the 1 has no other option but to take it. This can feel very overtly sexual at times, or if there is no reason for attraction, it can feel like a bombardment for the 1. 1’s have beautiful vision, but it can be hard to send to the 3 to execute on a physical level, if the 3 is only sending energy to the 1 and not vice versa—which is what usually happens in this pairing. The 1 is a very nice vessel for the 3 to empty their energy into, when they feel they are overflowing, but the 1 is not as equipped to handle it. However this can’t  work well when the 3 asks the 1 to build into them, or the 3 is forced to respect the wisdom of the 1.  3’s observe and report and comfort the 1’s when they get their heads stuck up their asses. This is a great pairing for teachers and students, or long distance couples, or people who work a lot, who don’t have to spend a lot of time together. The 1 has to respect the wisdom of the 3 and it’s hard when the 3 is the younger one, and can be abusive when the 3 is older.

2 & 2:

This is the pairing that comes together naturally, but has a hard time maintaining purpose together. The 2’s piggyback off of energy and help balance, so when they are face to face with someone doing the same thing, they can have control issues and a problem seeing the future, or knowing how to build together. They might feel like they are just chasing tails and going around in circles. This can work really well when they both have their own purpose on earth, and are always there to cheer the each other on, and sending love to the other on a regular basis. This is a great pairing for parenting as they will want what’s best for their kids to remain balanced, and for intense friendship—but might fail in fidelity.

2 & 3:

The 2 amplifies the 3’s natural projection of power, to manifest their physical power on earth. They fail in vision sometimes and can become ruthless together, forgetting to balance spiritual reason with execution. They are the truest version of a power couple, because of how the 2 stabilizes the 3, and how the 3 energizes the 2, they have a hard time failing in anything they decide to do. This is a great pairing for power on earth. A slower process that builds overtime. In romantic relationships, the sex is really good because it can last.

3 & 3:

The 3’s are both powerful vessels sending out energy and very rarely enjoy each other’s company. No matter how you slice it, they feel as any opposing viewpoint is the end of the relationship. They make great enemies, in a nice way if that makes sense. They can even have great sexual compatibility but in a detached way. This is a great pairing for world domination if they are on the same page, which they are rarely are. To keep this relationship alive, they both need to learn humility. Perfect pairing for power on earth.






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