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Mars is your passion, will & drive. In the Ascension Systemâ„¢ Mars aids your Nature in ascending up your personal mountain. If you know what your Mars does, you can give in to it, instead of fighting it's ability to move you.

Use the Algorithm below to see how your Mars drives.


1. “I Will”

2. “I Want”

3. “I Won’t”




If your motto is “I Will” you are the pusher in this life. You will push yourself, until you can’t any more. You will push people out of your way–or if you love someone you will push them into bigger and better situations. You don’t enjoy wasting your time, and you don’t like when others do either. You have a strong will, and a desire to move, but that can mean that you spend a lot of time pushing on closed doors, and pushing people who refuse to move. The “I Will” Mars has the power to be the most successful, but it becomes a failure when you care too much about others around you. Align yourself only with others who are doing something with their lives, so that you don’t have to carry them.


If your motto is “I Want” you are the dreamer and schemer in this life. You want so many things, and have so many desires, and will do what you can to achieve them. On the frustrating end, you are very easily manipulated, because you want life to be good, and sometimes are blinded by this–you can’t see the people who will take advantage of you, for their own personal gain. People may make you work for them, in promise of better things, that they never intend to deliver. It’s best if the “I Want” Mars gets what they desire on their own, without the help of others, and then they also get the opportunity to see if they even want it at all.


If your motto is “I Won’t” you are the most logical and analytical Mars out there. This can come off as negative, but if you try to make it more positive, you can end up following another’s lead and burying your instincts. The “I Won’t” Mars is usually stubborn, but also a savior in a sense, as you don’t let anyone do anything before thinking about it first, to make sure it’s safe. They do have a drive, and they will absolutely move forward, when they have tested the waters first. They are patient, and usually not as successful as they want to be, until a later age. But when they finally get what they want, it always lasts–as long as they have utilized their “I Won’t” power, and didn’t beat themselves up over it, in favor of what someone else wanted.