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The Lover

masterful assertive sensual empathetic soothing dominant

Photo of Alexander Skarsgård (The Lover Archetype, The Champion Nature)

The Lover

The Lover needs to know that he is a masterful, assertive leader, as well as inventive, animated, heroic & socially dominant. He doesn’t need to be insecure when the object of his desires gets away from him.


The lover desires to be desired. The experience of Intimacy, closeness and sensual pleasure are what the lover seeks and will use the means they have to achieve it. They are motivated to become more physically and emotionally appealing to increase their capacity to attract others.

They fear being unnoticed, unloved and unwanted and because their passionate desires cloud their judgement, they can easily be misled. Even when Lovers achieve all their desires, they are still fearful of loss.

Sebastian Stan (The Lover Archetype, The Athlete Nature)
Tom Hiddleston (The Lover Archetype, The Force Nature)

The Lover Personality

The Lover chooses to live a life of invention, rebellion and recreation.

His life is about breaking down barriers, walls and doors. He paves roads by going to extremes, and he always wins. This life is about his quest to becoming godlike–not because he’s pure or noble or even that spiritual, but because he rises up past what we thought was humanly possible. He impedes on our worldly understanding by rendering it useless.  Never allowing fear to stop him and never worrying that he may not win, he seems to be unstoppable.

The Lover is strong and capable and can end up steamrolling weaker individuals–not caring if there is a diamond in the rough beyond him, and that should be avoided. He will be lonely and even angry without a team of life and respect surrounding him. He will get back what he puts out, so he should have no reason not to encourage, enlighten and spread love to those he encounters.

Strategy to achieve The Lover:

To appeal to a Lover you need to make them feel attractive or stir their passionate desires for connection and intimacy. Because of their attraction to sensory pleasure, communication and messaging should use sensual language and tone. Imagery and tone of voice are especially important for The Lover archetype.

People appealing to Lover personalities can get them by sharing their desire for sensual pleasure through sight, sound, smell or touch. The colour red is especially appealing to The Lover.

The Lover is attracted to smart men and women, but also desires beauty & intrigue, and will not pursue otherwise.  They are both shallow visually and deep emotionally, so they have a hard time keeping a relationship that loses it’s excitement mentally, or it’s beauty physically.

The Lover is related to the female version of itself: The Caregiver (Marilyn Monroe)

Evan Peters (The Lover Archetype, The Athlete Nature)

The Lover’s Basic Human Desire is Intimacy

The Lover is easily sold to by appealing to these Categories:
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Dominance
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Cologne
  • Perfecting Bodies
  • Expensive Wine
  • Indulgent Food
  • Indulgent Travel
  • Beautiful Women
The Lover sells by appealing to these desires of others:
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Dominance
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Cologne
  • Being Perfect
  • Expensive Wine
  • Indulgent Food
  • Indulgent Travel
  • Being Beautiful
Tony Rothchild (The Lover Archetype, The Champion Nature)
Trent Reznor (The Lover Archetype, The Force Nature)

The Three Minds

Take your Moon sign’s degree and add both parts together until you get a single digit.
(Ex. 23 degrees is 2+3=5. Making you a 5, or “the Champion”)

The Champion:

Single-Focused (Selfish)

Needs to be adored for who they are & who they are trying to be.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 1, 5, or 7 you are the Champion. The Selfish and Fearing Lover.


The Athlete:

Dual-Focused (Relational)

Needs to be appreciated for how they meet your needs and others.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 2, 4, or 8 you are the Athlete. The Relational and Loving Lover.


The Force:

Triple-Focused (Selfless)

Needs to be loved for how they love & view the world.

If your Moon sign degree adds up to a 0, 3, 6, or 9  you are the Force. The Selfless and Giving Lover


Three types of the Lover Archetype

The Champion. The Athlete. The Force.


Being an expert at delivering information through story-telling and an advanced understanding of language, by simplifying complex ideas down to what is exciting and easy to remember. A great writer and performer, with a strong creative flow of thoughts, and an ability to make the mundane feel more exciting, that rarely is blocked—unless they lose access to what makes them human. On the dark side of this gift, they are very good in areas like mediation and HR, as they understand how to cut through the creative spin that other people put on situations, and get straight to the heart of the matter—to see both sides. If they find themselves caught in the middle of other people’s issues or contradictory ideas, they may never find their time to shine in their own right.


Being a great problem-solver by the way of a high intelligence and social graces—even if they are completely going against the grain, ideologically. This allows them to delegate part of their own ingenious project to very willing participants. They can manipulate to get their way, in what is usually best for the whole of a project of group. A loner so that they may observe and report, and understand the culture and what it needs from them. Usually straightforward writers and speakers, and tend to say more with their facial expressions, which can make them good directors—there is no excess for any reason. On the dark side of this gift they can be very good academically, and consumed by knowledge and learning, trying to gain all the information they can before executing their own vision. If they spend too much time on another person’s study, they may lose their own contribution to society.

The Force’s Genius: WILLPOWER

Being a force of nature, using their heart to create the power of an iceberg beneath a tropical island—AKA a strong and stable emotional base, underneath a logical and easily understood exterior. Being able to understand sound and music as a way to curb focus and mood, and being able to create and innovate with that emotional strength. They are meant to shine bright, as a beacon of hope for anyone in pain, and lead others to the light through their physical power and presence. On the dark side of this gift is that they are great in Public Relations and catering or serving, and can tend towards curating another person’s presence and work, to maintain that individual’s mass appeal. This can cause the loss of their own emotional power, losing themselves and their emotional stability, in another person’s tidal wave of demons.

Shannon Leto (The Champion Nature)
The Rock (The Athlete Nature)
Pope Francis (The Force Nature)

The Champion Nature

The Champion is the Lover Archetype most concerned with his mind and stretching it to its greatest ability. If he is told “no”, he says “yes”, but he is not inherently rebellious. What he is, is completely invested in what he capable of doing, and he loves to showcase his originality over the similarities of the masses. It’s his bravery to do this, that grows overtime. His home and family is his place to retreat from the world and feel protected, and so he will bring that part of his life with him, as he rises to the top. Because his mental state is his pride, he will use it to put his body into submission. If he chooses to neglect his body and pretend it doesn’t exist he either becomes a nobody, with a vagabond way of life, or a hoarder, with a fear of the outside. It’s important that he treats his body as a temple for his mind, so to keep balance, and it’s that body that will give him the earthly power he desires.

The Athlete Nature

The Athlete is the Lover Archetype who runs away from the mainstream audience while capturing the love of the mainstream at the same time. He is seductive by nature, but also aggressive, making him highly sexually and physically charged. If he is aware of these qualities, he can utilize them to rise above his peers in whatever field he enters—giving him that something extra or “it factor”. He is unique but also a chameleon, which gives him the ability to fit in and stand out of any class of people, but he will usually leave the crowd early to spend time alone. If he does keep close company, it’s very few, and he may never actually share the deepest parts of himself, which can cause arguments that he would rather just avoid altogether. If he allows himself to to go down the loner spiral, he may never be able to rise out of it, so it’s good if he does find his “people” and learns who to trust so he can give some of himself to others and share the weight of his heavy soul.

The Force Nature

The Force is the Lover Archetype who runs the group with distance and power over connection and energy. He is an investigator, with a deep and spiritual understanding of ancient metaphors and symbolic connections in the universe, as he likes to dive in to the wonders of the world. He’s also an instigator in feeling, provoking opinions and problems, but he’s not interested in taking care of anybody’s issue after he’s drawn attention to it. He believes more in himself than others have the ability to, and he’s not here for a disagreement—he gets his way or he cuts you out. His fascination with the group as a whole, can make him become reclusive so as not to be swayed by opposite opinion or mob mentality—but he does enjoy controlling the mob. He is at his best when he allows himself to find and submit to a superior being so that he keeps his competing nature in tact and doesn’t let power go to his head.