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Neptune forces spiritual growth & to do that it wants you to be without the physical things. I have my own Neptune on my Midheaven, it’s also my chart ruler & it’s made it difficult to find what I want in life-while helping others do that very thing. I build my career on belief.

People with Neptune in their 1st have issues w/seeing themselves, they feel like a character. Neptune in the 2nd might struggle with money issues, always without stability. In the 3rd have fantastical minds that may not appear intellectual.

Neptune in the 4th natives, find the truth of their family or existence later in life. In the 5th, there is ultra creativity, but a fear of growing up or missing out on fun in life. In the 6th, life is a mystery, how do you do things? Goals are dreams, instead.

Neptune in the 7th, what of love? Relationships are elusive. Rose colored glasses about partners that turn to nothing. In the 8th? Boundaries are broken, power over oneself is hard. In the 9th, the limits of the higher consciousness are gone, causing wandering & purposelessness.

Lastly, Neptune in the 10th, career is confusing, what to do in life is a battle. In the 11th, social skills feel lacking, or a belief that others are better than you are, or more capable. In the 12th, there is ultra physical perfectionism & spiritual delusions.