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Signs in the Fourth House:

Cancer Rules the 4th House of HOME, as well as FAMILY, ROOTS and your INNER WORLD. Everything you find in this house represents who you are when no one is looking . Our 4th house is defined by the IMUM COELI or IC.


Aries in the 4th: You were given early independence, and weren’t nurtured by your family. You feel alone, but do need to go back to that independence to find your center. You demand independence and respect in your home. Don’t touch your stuff! Learn balance and appreciate cozy design, as it makes a home, and lessens that lonely factor.

Taurus in the 4th: You were given security by your family, but may not have gotten emotional support. Your mother might have been very materialistic, instead of nurturing. You tend to eat/starve your feelings and crave money. You need security and beauty in your home. Houseguests should not overstay their welcome. You design for comfort and style, but comfort mostly.

Gemini in the 4th: Probably had a “bipolar” parent, a loud  home, or both. If you lose your center, you can act very crazy. Very verbal and need constant noise to silence those head voices. You value communication in your home. You like each room to have its own theme in design. You can be messy, and maybe never learned how to clean. You probably hate beige.

Cancer in the 4th: You loved being a helper, and we’re given ample quiet time for self-reflection. You definitely need quiet time now, and are usually good at meditating, though your biggest problem is that you have tendency to hide. You need your home to escape reality. Tend to “nest” and love certain places in your house more than others. Picking up after others hurts your feelings. You like having family pictures around and need a warm design. Hate dust more than clutter.

Leo in the 4th: You were treated as a “specimen” and less of a child. You were the pride of the family that was supposed to make everything better. You need to feel special to be happy, and can give a lot to people who don’t care about you, because you can’t figure out why they don’t. You will live alone or will pay more money for biggest room. You need to feel like the king or queen in your home. You tend to design with bold colors and fierceness.

Virgo in the 4th: You valued intelligence, while the rest of your family was “dumb” or maybe even sick all the time. You learned control through organizing, which you still do. You are anal retentive about your space. You love design, and are proud of whatever you do, but err on the side of unoriginal ideas, pale colors and beige. Need quiet spaces.

Libra in the 4th: Deep down you are quite the creative charmer. You might have made yourself less of a person to benefit the greater good of your family. But you definitely have learned how to find your pride as you have gotten older. You need fairness and balance to survive. You need to live with others, or you will get lonely fast. You rely on others for opinions when it comes to your home, even though your own design ideas are the best, and you secretly already know that.

Scorpio in the 4th: You weren’t given direct orders and might have been mocked, over-sexualized or controlled. You now control things through your own destruction and chaos. You are very secretive about your home and tend not to invite people over to stay. You probably overuse black and gray in design and have a thing about windows.

Sagittarius in the 4th: You felt that your family was stifling and simple, but also that they might be fine without you–which hurt you very deeply. You need freedom to live, but tend to let other stifle you, because it’s what you’re used to. You don’t mind renting or living in communes, if it means that you can get away easily. You love to design using the influence of other cultures.

Capricorn in the 4th: You were not treated with respect or allowed to make your own decisions in the physical sense–but at the same time you were taught to be emotionally self-reliant, possibly due to a parent that was more of a child. You need to trust yourself to make your own rules now. You need routine to function properly and have a hard time living in a home where your style and the way you live, are not respected. You have expensive taste, but can be messy with it, if you’re not given guidelines.

Aquarius in 4th: You had a strange or uncouth upbringing. Now you have a hard time following any social norm and even resent normalcy. You could say that your a true accidental rebel–you want normal friends, but can be ostracized for your behavior. You can be hard to live with do to your unique nature, so you do best living with non-particular people. You love strange ideas in design.

Pisces in 4th: One parent, most likely your mother, was sensitive to your needs and indulged your imagination. You might feel too emotional or weak for the real world now. You must always remember to create, but understand that not everyone is going to like or appreciate your art. You are a chameleon in the home, and can be walked over by more domineering partners and roommates, with your opinion not considered.

Planets in the Fourth House:

Cancer Rules the 4th House of HOME, as well as FAMILY, ROOTS and your INNER WORLD. Everything you find in this house represents who you are when no one is looking . Our 4th house is defined by the IMUM COELI or IC. 

Sun in 4th: You were the family pride in some way, which you now can resent as much as cherish. Too much pressure to be caring, which makes success come with guilt. You need to be considered in every decision and need respect at home. Must see yourself represented in each room of your home with vibrancy.

Moon in 4th: Your mother imprinted herself on you in a very strong way, which could be positive or negative. You can be deeply moody, but good at not letting anyone know. You spend a great deal of your time, hiding out at home, so it must be cozy and warm. Design choices are heavily influenced by your mother.

Mercury in 4th: You have always been connected to your roots. You love working and learning from home. Almost obsessed with the idea of home. Communication is needed at home, that’s where you process your thoughts. Very particular about your design, but you’re still pretty messy.

Venus in 4th: You have a love of your roots and family origins. Might feel like the flower of your family. You take pride in the way your home looks as well as your personal appearance. You want a harmonious representation of your charm and appeal at home. Can overdo it on the side of gaudy, if not careful.

Mars in 4th: Might have had a destructive home with a lot of anger and arguing. If this is true you have a passion to create a better home life than you got, if you want one at all. No matter what you can be counted on to fight for your family. You can be bossy at home and demand that people follow your lead. Be careful, your good intentions could be overlooked and dismissed due to their demanding nature.

Jupiter in 4th: Good family upbringing, with a lot of money coming in, or love around. Can be too complacent at home, with no desire to leave. On the other-hand, sometimes your family is huge and all you want to do is get away, but there is still love there and always connection. Jupiter in 4th gives you a worldly touch in design and you love to invite people in to your home.

Saturn in 4th: Restricted home life. Lots of lessons. It will take years to build the family you needed, but you will eventually receive it. You can feel restricted by other people in your home, and you may not decorate at all, afraid you’ll be a hoarder and create clutter.

Uranus in 4th: There was a lot of internal energy at your home. People coming and going. Parents teaching strange ways and values. You are naturally rebellious. Your home is a canvas for your rebellious taste in everything. Sometimes you’re rebelling against your crazy family, so u could be quite normal in other people’s opinions.

Neptune in 4th: Ignorance can be bliss. Can get lost in your imagination about what your life really is and it may not be true–But what is true? You tend to be nonchalant, when you actually care about what goes on in your home. Can be scapegoat of your family’s projection.

Pluto in 4th: Destructive. Lots of control or deceit. Hard to part ways with family, even if abusive. You are always internally transforming. Living with others is a source of contention. You will be transformed many times at home and your taste will change severely.