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Signs in the Fifth House:

Leo Rules the 5th House of HEART, as well as EGO, CREATIVITY, CHILDREN and PLEASURE. Everything you find in this house represents what you are meant to give to the world. Our 5th house is defined by the sign cusping the edge, as well as any planets that fall into it based on the time you were born.

Aries in the 5th: You are pushy and inventive in creative pursuits, must create independently. Tend to dive quickly into love but fall out just as fast.

Taurus in the 5th: You are highly creative and artistic. Enjoys music and beauty. Stubborn in love and sex. Likes to see projects through to completion.

Gemini in the 5th: You like to start a million projects at once. Communicative and enjoys writing. Can feel unstable in love and tends to hold back or express too much.

Cancer in the 5th: You need love, nurturing and positive feedback. Can get lost in your projects as a protection against the world. Loves to cuddle.

Leo in the 5th: You enjoy life and acting like a child on occasion. Needs to create to feel important. Can be highly romantic and/or optimistic.

Virgo in the 5th: You don’t feel very creative, or tend to be too perfectionistic to be proud. Finds enjoyment in the details. Picky in love and sex.

Libra in the 5th. You want to create with others and share their work with your own. Might put pressure on others to support your artistic endeavors. Needs harmony.

Scorpio in the 5th: You feel undeserving in love or a little pessimistic about happiness in general. Very creative but tend to hide it from others.

Sagittarius in the 5th: You are “big picture” creatively, don’t really like the artistic details. Enjoys love but afraid of commitment. Finds happiness in your big future dreams, not reality.

Capricorn in the 5th: You believe that hard work and power will give you happiness. Are hard on yourself and tend to restrict yourself from enjoying life.

Aquarius in 5th: Involving others to bring your original ideas to life, brings you joy. Distant in love. Very inventive but can be insecure about ideas

Pisces in 5th: the most artistic and creative type, but tend to lose yourself in drama and nonsense. Can get creatively blocked and tricked by love through sex.

Planets in the Fifth House:

Sun in 5th: Your ego needs happiness, creation and love to survive. Were encouraged to be a child and might be spoiled. Lives in Neverland. Your children will feel like a piece of you and your ego is caught up in how well they do. You might take it personally if they fail.

Moon in 5th: You had a creative and loudly expressive mother-possibly narcissistic. Drama from others centered on you and your emotions helps you to heal your wounds. You’re very romantic. You have always wanted children but they may break your heart, or be very emotional themselves, first born tends to be a girl.

Mercury in 5th: Creative and artistic communicator. Tend to think about yourself 1st and how to make yourself happy. Expansive and romantic mind. With children, communication is key, and you will expect that your children do well in school and take on a lot of projects.

Venus in 5th: An artist and lover of all things beautiful. Needs to be pursued in love. Enjoys your own company and you usually will have high confidence. You will see beauty in your children and have a lot of love for them. You will teach them about love and relationships.

Mars in 5th: You might have been bullied for the things your heart chose to love–now afraid of being hurt, so competitive in all areas. Very energetic and hyper. You don’t take anything lying down. You are very attentive to ur kids and feel like parenting is very serious. You may overreact when your children are hurt, which makes everything worse.

Saturn in 5th: You’re afraid to let yourself go. Maybe due to an overprotective or controlling parent that expected great things from you. Work hard to play hard. More attracted to older people. You will make sure your kids have routine, clean their room and respect their elders. You might wait to have kids as you take parenting very seriously, if you decide to have them at all.

Jupiter in 5th: Very active imagination. Big dreamer but you may never act on your dreams. Had a fun childhood, where your talents were accepted and built into. You like to hang out with people younger than you. You have a lot of utopian ideas about raising children, but instead of following though you may just share your dreams with them instead. They will be idealists.

Neptune in 5th: You believe that drama is the way to inner happiness and that other people’s talents are your own. It’s hard to see very clearly when it comes to your own creative expression. You are very creative when accepting of yourself. You might have a hard time seeing your children’s needs clearly, but have a lot of love for them, which can’t be denied.

Uranus in 5th: You had a tumultuous childhood. Grew up too soon so you have a lot of creativity that needs to be unleashed. Might seem reckless nowadays. Will probably have genius kids that completely rebel against all of your lessons. Women can subconsciously baby trap with this position if they’re not careful.

Pluto in 5th: Childhood ended early and every now and then you make yourself a new one. Highly creative when manic, but lethargic and boring when depressed. Your children might be secretive and lie to you, which you will resent completely. They will do this for fear of your control of them.

Chiron in 5th: You lost out on creativity, imagination and your childhood. Now you find work in those areas, as well as healing others who have gone through the same.