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Signs in the Sixth House:

Virgo Rules the 1st House of ROUTINE, WORK, as well as DAILY LIFE and HEALTH/BODY.  It’s also how you handle small animals (the 12th house is large animals). Everything you find in this house represents your health and  work ethic. Our 6th house is defined by the sign cusping, and any planets that may fall in this house in your natal chart.


Aries in the 6th: You have a lot of ambition but can overexert yourself and go through bouts of productivity, and then laziness. In your daily life, you need to be the leader.

Taurus in the 6th: You don’t see the need to work hard if there’s no Venusian fulfillment at the same time. You like to maintain harmony in your diet and day to day, but can over indulge yourself when you’re not feeling so hot.

Gemini in the 6th: You need to change up your daily routine on a day to day basis, or you will go insane. You can keep up with the best at work, and probably have a high metabolism due to daily anxiety.

Cancer in the 6th: You prefer to spend your days surrounded by the people you love. Can turn any foe into a friend. It’s hard for you to maintain a diet, because you just love food and eating your feelings.

Leo in the 6th: You feel pretty good about your body and health situation, kinda like your the king of health. You like to work your way up to the top of any situation, which makes you THE target for competitors.

Virgo in the 6th: You are very particular about what goes in your body. You take pride in being detail oriented in ur daily routine and enjoy independent work, where you’re not picking up after everybody–though you do that a lot too.

Libra in the 6th: You like partners to exercise with and to diet with, otherwise it’s hard to maintain anything steady. You enjoy working with good people, and don’t like overexerting yourself in the least.

Scorpio in the 6th: You won’t talk about your health issues and will most likely lie about your weight, and what you eat. You can go to extremes in diet (that you can’t live up to) and overexert yourself at work. Might have some disorders you prefer to keep hidden from even your closest friends.

Sagittarius in the 6th: You can be very competitive when it comes to your daily productivity, and when it comes to your physique. Although, you might assume that your lofty goals about what you should be, are good enough, and never follow through. On the flipside, you could be a workaholic and put unnecessary guilt on yourself.

Capricorn in the 6th: You have challenges and setbacks in your health and work. Day to day work can be a nuisance but you work diligently anyway, awaiting good things. You might make certain things worse by working through them, instead of getting help.

Aquarius in the 6th: You will have setbacks in heath and work, so you try to find alternate ways of keeping yourself healthy and productive. Don’t usually like to lead, would rather empower people on daily basis.

Pisces in the 6th: You can be a hypochondriac and fearful of new things throwing wrenches in your routine. You might dream about a better life, but will never get there if you’re not pushed or even manipulated to do so. Might have an extreme view of your body and health habits that aren’t necessarily correct.

Planets in the Sixth House:

Sun in the 6th: You feel that you cannot achieve your dreams, and are afraid of failure. You must establish boundaries and love yourself before you can move through life, purposefully. You truly care for others and have a desire to help people through their illness and pain. This is great, just don’t become a doormat or even an emotional vampire, leeching on to other’s illness as an excuse to keep yourself down, instead of living for your purpose.

Moon in the 6th: Your mother probably didn’t teach you to handle disappointment that well, due to her own fears. She might have tried to heal all your wounds instead of allowing you to feel pain. You tend to work and exercise through your emotions, or even use drugs, instead of allowing yourself to feel it.

Mercury in the 6th: Tendency to feel or act a little anxious and bi-polar, but it’s because you are very aware of your physical surroundings, all the time. You might be slow to learn and process, but can remember all the details.

Venus in the 6th: You get “sick” in love and you might allow others to suck the life out of you, due to your desire to heal all wounds. You believe that love is a choice and that’s its hard, so you work for it. You are usually blessed with good health through a good immune system, and people tend to like you.

Mars in the 6th: You have a lot of daily energy to accomplish many things. You could degrade yourself into thinking you are lazy, when you are not. Pretty high metabolism that goes with high energy and athleticism. Usually blessed with good health, because of your ability to combat illness.

Jupiter in the 6th: You are talented at picking things up quickly, and this causes you to accomplish a lot on a daily basis. You have the ability to fit in anywhere, but you feel easily caged and need adventure. Sometimes you can be stuck in a daily rut.

Uranus in the 6th: Not a 9-5er in the least. You can go thru severe illness and depression and then spectacular bouts of good health. You rebel against the daily routine.

Saturn in the 6th: You are a perfectionist, and might have had a father who only bestowed conditional love–if you did everything right, you got a smile. You can become stagnant waiting for others to praise you. It’s not so easy to stay in shape and you must work hard at everything, but it will be worth it in the end.

Neptune in the 6th: Prone to psychosomatic illnesses. Probably feel that you do more work than you do. You might be caught up in the way you think your life should be, instead of what it actually is.

Pluto in the 6th: You have had many near death experiences and can become violently ill, to where people fear for your life. Might be self destructive and cause self-harm. But you are a very strong survivor.

Chiron in the 6th: You have had a lot of illness or issues growing up and in school. You never felt good enough, and might have some perfectionistic issues. You find that in adulthood you are capable of healing others illnesses quite easily and naturally, even if you feel that you can never totally cure yourself.