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Signs in the Eighth House:

Scorpio Rules the 8th House of TRANSFORMATION, as well as DEATH, TAXES, and SEX. Everything you find in this house represents what in your life belongs to someone else, or that you may be fearful of. Our 8th house is defined by the sign cusping it, and any planets that may fall in it (Scroll Down for Video!):


Aries in the 8th: You live life on edge and on the edge, with a lot of anxiety. You want partners to follow and think of you even when you have run from them. You feel more like yourself in chaos, so you create it. You might attach yourself to people at a distance (telepathically, subconsciously, or through random actual communication), to make sure they never forget you. You love casual sex.

Taurus in the 8th: You prefer not to attack the unknown and are very cautious. You love very deeply. You are afraid of the dark, and might sleep with a nightlight. You’re also afraid “being left in the dark” and don’t like secrets, but you have a lot of your own–they keep you safe. You’re into sex when it awakens all your senses.

Gemini in the 8th: You like to talk about death and danger, and love to investigate people. Anything secretive or taboo about about humans is fun for you. You can very easily be blinded by real evil if you don’t slow down, and take some things seriously. You might have many sexual partners at one time.

Cancer in the 8th: You hide from danger and refuse to summon evil (even refusing to do what some consider to be play, like Ouija, psychics, palm readers, etc) You can physically feel both good and evil when they are present, though you may not admit it to others. You feel at ease when those who offer real love are near. You like to cuddle for safety, and need intimacy before sex.

Leo in the 8th: You feel quite impervious to pain, but can be hurt easily from close relationships who give you no respect. You truly believe that you could defeat any foe: real or ghost, and that no one should mess with you. Sometimes attracting all of that energy for fun, can cause you to suffer pain to your ego, and give you a lot of anxiety. Sexual encounters boost your pride.

Virgo in the 8th: You believe there is an explanation for every ghost story, as you prefer practicality to any sort of chaos. The fact that you pay it no mind, does make it less of an issue. Although, you can be closed-minded about quantum mechanics and other like-things that are scientifically shown to exist (Wait, why are you on an Astrology site, reading this?). You are very sexually skilled and opinionated in love.

Libra in the 8th: You can be easily controlled by your partners, as you like to get lost in someone else. You don’t like to enter a dark room alone, and easily feel protected when anyone else is near you–even if you are the better protector. You get stressed when life happens and you have no one to share it with. Tend to avoid moving forward in life, because of some deep fears and indecision. Sex gets better and better with the same partner.

Scorpio in the 8th: You don’t fuck with evil, and can intuitively know when someone is carrying it with them. In the physical sense, you’re not someone that needs to touch fire to know that it’s hot, you just know. You like to be in control of others to feel secure. You take sex very seriously, and can be quite explosive when you feel comfortable.

Sagittarius in the 8th: You believe in aliens and have alternate views on every ancient story. You would never admit a closed-mind about the unknown, but don’t allow yourself to really dive into it, either. You are avoidant of anything frustratingly real. You can be detached from sex, and prefer that it’s enlightening over intimate.

Capricorn in the 8th: You have many karmic lessons, one being to stop controlling others through fear. I.E. You tend to not be afraid of things that others find scary, and you might use this as a way of getting people to fear you. Issues will arise in sex for you and chaos will ensue against you, no matter how hard you’ve built up control.

Aquarius in the 8th: You tend to bring others into your darkness openly, and want to heal their fear. You are unconventional and enjoy the taboo. People will question who you choose to love, and they might find your expression slightly off-putting. Sex is not to be discussed privately in your mind, as it’s very spiritual and fun, and should be for everyone.

Pisces in the 8th: You have a hard time knowing who to trust, as Pisces blinds you to both physical and spiritual enemies. Trusting your intuition will open your eyes to the reality of those you let close to you. In sex, you release a lot of yourself to another person.

Planets in the Eighth House:

Sun in the 8th: You feel complete when absorbed by another and are a therapist to all. You can be very deep, emotional and Fearful. You value truth, but will lie to protect yourself and those you love.

Moon in the 8th: You had a fearful mother who was too attached to you at a young age, and told you too many awful secrets about people that skewed your view of the world. You are very emotionally unstable and crave relationships to help ground you. You are very psychically aware and mentally distant, and tend to absorb other’s fears.

Mercury in the 8th: Easily deceived, but you very quickly learn to see after you logically analyze every position you’re in. You might be mentally chaotic and have a hard time articulating all you thoughts. You always speak your own truth.

Venus in the 8th: You’ve had endless cycles of bad love affairs, and find it hard to distance yourself from past lovers. Most likely sexual early in life, and can’t have a relationship without sex. Also, a one night stand might be too much for you to handle if it doesn’t become a relationship. You are very faithful to the one ur with.

Mars in the 8th: A victim of abuse, possibly sexual or violent. You feel repressed and unable to find determination to succeed. Learn focus and cultivate great power. If you were not actually a victim of abuse, you will learn of it’s reality and be affected by it at a very early age. Implanting sadness and fear on to you, making you afraid of the future and of others intentions.

Uranus in the 8th: A repressed rebellion might come out in sexually deviant ways. You were given a great power in psychic ability. Tattoos and Taboos.

Jupiter in the 8th: Most likely gain through others fortunes and misfortunes. Will have better luck messing with someone else finances, over your own. Someone will always pick you up, if you fall, so there is a freedom in the uncertainty of life.

Saturn in the 8th: You are plagued by poor relations, gossip and a repressed sexuality. You could be karmically dealing with the sexual deviance of your family. You are constantly learning who to trust and need to learn to rise above victimization.

Neptune in the 8th: You are taken advantage of easily, but blinded by a love so deep and a need to help others, you may not know. Trust your instinct and leave draining people.

Pluto in the 8th: You learn power through being abused and controlled by others. Might need therapy to deal with past pain, but will rise above it all, and conquer.

Chiron in the 8th: Hurt and broken by harmful relations with others at a young age. A gift now is being able to help others find their way through their own fear, while you are continually dealing with your own fear and repressed pain.