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Signs in the Ninth House:

Sagittarius Rules the 9th House of HIGHER LEARNING, TRAVEL and BELIEF SYSTEMS. A little known fact about the 9th is that it can also show you what your CLAIM TO FAME is! Everything you find in this house represents what you believe in and what you want to go out into the world and learn. Our 9th house is defined by the sign cusping, and the planets that fall into. (Scroll Down For Video!):

Signs in the 9th House:

Aries in the 9th: You can be insensitive and even offensive, when it comes to other’s belief systems.  On occasion you might even have an extreme reaction to someone’s way of life, and have no idea that you just upset everyone around you. You enjoy adventures, road trips and learning new things and can be very impulsive when taking on these endeavors. You are very adaptable.

CLAIM TO FAME: Your comedic timing.

Taurus in 9th: Can be stuck in a rut with your beliefs and will have a problem seeing other people’s point of view. Most would not try to persuade you to see their side, because it would be very frustrating. You tend to be over cautious when traveling, by looking at warranties and recalls, and even checking out flight plans, so that you can travel with little anxiety and in Taurus comfort.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your relationship to beauty products and food.

Gemini in 9th: You enjoy talking about different beliefs and interesting worldly ideas, but have a hard time sticking to just one belief for yourself.  You might have a smorgasbord of ideas in your mind, and you give them all equal attention. You get really bored on road trips with out stimuli, and all that stimuli might cause you to get very car sick, or make you unable to fall asleep on long flights.

CLAIM TO FAME: The company you keep.

Cancer in 9th: You are very supportive of other people’s truths, even if they are not your own, and you might even adapt to some of their beliefs as your own later. You are very susceptible to the higher energy of this house, which can cause you to be too afraid to go very far from home–even though your home life had a lot of problems.  At the same time, Cancer changes with the tides, and you could find the freedom to make the whole world your home, when you push past the fear of the unknown.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your boobs and your family name.

Leo in 9th: You can be very aggressive when expressing your belief system and mostly expect others to agree. If they don’t, your pride can take a hit, and you will feel like a king with no kingdom. It’s kind of a cult leader position, not that you would want to hurt anyone, you just like the idea of followers.  You take a lot of pride in your adventures, and would choose to be the big fish in the huge pond, over staying where you’re known.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your creative and romantic endeavors.

Virgo in 9th: You are very analytical about belief systems and don’t fall for anything with no logic to back them up. You entertain ideas thoroughly and will listen intently to new information, but you also know when to discard it.  Traveling can give you a lot of anxiety if you’re not sure where you’re going. You need to have everything planned out to the nano-second, or you might bust a nerve.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your body and health.

Libra in 9th: You are indecisive about what you truly believe and are unwilling to rock the boat in discussion, so that indecision suits you just fine. Although, when you find something that you truly believe in, you can act very self-righteous and won’t back down from those beliefs.  You love to take people with you on adventures, and get excited about romantic trips.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your relationships or lawsuits.

Scorpio in 9th: You are very secretive when it comes to your ideas about everything. This puts some mystery on you, which you’re okay with. Although, every once in awhile, you enjoy making others think by inflicting your wealth of knowledge on them. You might get into a lot of accidents while traveling, which causes you to stay put, another thing you’re okay with.

CLAIM TO FAME:  You’re polarizing .

Sagittarius in 9th: You are openminded about belief systems but definitely have your own ideas that you truly believe. As you get more knowledgeable on certain subjects, your views will evolve. You are someone who has totally dismissed something at one point and embraced it later. You’re not too stubborn or prideful for that. You like to travel as a form of relaxation, but also want to get to your destination fast (Sag is the competitor) so you might do you well to forgo all road trips, and take planes–also book flights to relaxing places not touristy spots that make you more tired.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your many endeavors.

Capricorn in 9th: You feel like you have to work hard and prove yourself as knowledgeable, because it’s so important to you to be considered intelligent. This might cause you to be unable to let loose and be wrong on occasion. Studying can even be fun for you. You will have setbacks when you travel, like missing/cancelled flights, lost baggage, etc, which forces you to think on your toes and utilize your street smarts.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your business acumen.

Aquarius in 9th: You believe in the craziest and most unorthodox things and really want others to learn from your expertise and knowledge–but they may just brush you off as crazy and unorthodox. You like to draw attention to your traveling and schooling, as you believe it adds importance to your resume, and allows you to say these things with more believability. Though Leo in your 3rd says you don’t like being far from your community, so you aren’t really going to travel that far away, for that long, or for anything that important.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your schooling and knowledge.

Pisces in 9th: You believe in everything and nothing at the same time. Can be blinded by affectionate and nice people, and may not realize that they are duping you into believing their false truths.  You will find peace through trusting your instincts, and there you will grow into the spiritual person you really, deeply are. You might be afraid to travel far, but when you do go anywhere, you’re not going to think much about it, or plan any of it. You’re just going to go.

CLAIM TO FAME:  Your creativity.

Planets in the Ninth House:

Sun in 9th: Your ego is defined by the knowledge you have accumulated over the years. You can be very hurt when others don’t listen to you, as you know what you have to say is important. It’s true that you hold others to high standards, but you hold yourself to highest standards.

Moon in 9th: Your mother seemed to wish her life didn’t involve children, or she might have separated you from the rest of your family, and you carried those dreams of being somewhere else, with her. You deal with emotions by not dealing with them–through traveling, relocation therapy and dreaming about what could have been. You live by this “anywhere but here” mantra.

Mercury in 9th: You truly value knowledge but can come off as a know-it-all, who may not really know-it-all. Normally do really well in school, and have an unusual giftedness in academics, but  fail at street smarts.

Venus in 9th: Blessed with a strong intelligence and belief system. You are well-liked by teachers and might even date a teacher or authoritative person (not necessarily a taboo situation, you just are loved by scholars). You enjoy traveling and could spend a lot of time “away” from the places you grew up.

Mars in 9th: Definitely make traveling and learning your bitch, and can shove your opinions down other people’s throats if you really believe them. It’s just that you really like to know things, and never got the chance growing up to express that, or be noticed for how much information you can retain.

Jupiter in 9th: You have an expansive knowledge of all things. Can definitely be a know-it-all, but you do seem to just “know things”. You love to learn and are very perceptive. You will have good luck in publishing, so make sure whatever you publish is worth it’s weight, as not to damage your reputation.

Saturn in 9th: You spend a lot of time going back to school and you don’t really allow yourself to enjoy life. Karmically, you will have to learn that you already know a lot, and that you will never reach that point of satisfaction of know it all, and that’s okay. Balancing work and play, will pay off and give you that more exciting life.

Neptune in 9th: You have a strong psychic awareness of other worldly ideas and beliefs, but you may not be able to believe in yourself, or even know what you believe. Neptune causes delusion, and so it’s hard for you to see your expanded mind in a natural light.

Uranus in 9th: You get bored of school and belief systems very quickly. It’s hard for you to stay in school, and so if you did finish college, pat yourself on the back. You change your mind a lot and could be considered a flip flopper, or that you sold your soul to crazy ideas. You have weird views and will be seen as a rebel against the system, even if you believe that you’re normal.

Pluto in 9th: You might have been kicked out of your church or university for being chaotic and upsetting the norm. You will go through many beliefs in ur life, each one more transforming than the next.

Chiron in 9th: May have suffered from a learning disability or grew up believing in lies about your existence on this earth. You now have the ability to heal those who suffer from the same thing.